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Last updated on : 11/06/2018
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For Industry

Checklist for Pre-screening of application


Revise Pre-screening Checklist

Cosmetics Checklist

Medical Devices and Diagnostics Division Checklist

FDC Checklist

New Drug Checklist


SND ChecklistNEW

Test Licence Checklist

BE NOC Pre Screening Checklist April 2014

Pre-screening Checklist for the  submission of following

1.Test License in Form -11

2. Special Code For Export ( Finished Formulation / Bulk Drugs)

3. Clinical Trial and New Drugs Applications

4. Biological Division

5. BA/BE NOC for Export

6.  Export of Biological Sample

7.  Medical Device

8. Checklist to get NOC for NGO Donation

9. Document required for approval of BA-BE center

10. System of Pre-screening for submission of reports of SAEs to CDSCO

11. System of the Pre - screening of the applications for  re-registration of Ethics CommitteeNEW

12.System of the Pre - screening of the applications for registration of Ethics Committee

13.Cosmetic Division Checklist for Pre screening of Application for grant of Registration Certificate in Form 43

14. Import and Registration

15. Global Clinical Trial Checklist

16.Checklist  regarding Self assessment tools for drug regulator/stakeholders for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)/Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and other documents



Start date: 19/02/2015

End date: 01/12/2066 

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